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  • Phone: (661) 487-1797
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  • 9530 Hageman Rd, Suite B, Box #380, Bakersfield, CA 93312
  • Facebook: vanguardbiblechurch
  • Twitter: @vanguardbible

Service Times

  • Sundays @ 9:00a
  • Freedom Middle School
  • 11445 Noriega Road
  • Bakersfield, CA 93312


We believe the Lord has called all Christ-followers to be ministers in His church. The Scriptures teach that serving the Lord in the church…

  • Decreases our selfishness (Php. 2:3)
  • Increases our humility (Php. 2:3)
  • Makes us more like Christ (Php. 2:5-7)
  • Builds His church by using our spiritual gifts (1 Co. 14:12)
  • Will be rewarded by the Lord (1 Co. 3:14)

The links below provide an overview of the current volunteer needs we have in our church. Clicking on a specific position will show you an overview of what the position entails. If you fill out the information form and click “volunteer”, you will be contacted by the team captain so that you can ask any additional questions you might have, schedule training and be added to the team’s rotation.



vKids team members should have a clear profession of faith in Christ, love for children and a desire to see them grow spiritually. Volunteers in our vKids ministry are expected to complete an application form (includes a background check) and embrace our ministry policies. Team members are asked to make a 1-year commitment and serve at least 1-2 per month.

The Supervisor serves throughout the worship service by overseeing all vKids activities; assisting with set-up and registration; greeting families as they arrive; escorting guests to their classrooms; monitoring room ratios; coordinating with Usher Team Captain and school custodian when security or medical issues arise; assisting parents if they are paged out of the worship service.



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