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  • 9530 Hageman Rd, Suite B, Box #380, Bakersfield, CA 93312
  • Facebook: vanguardbiblechurch
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Service Times

  • Sundays @ 9:00a
  • Freedom Middle School
  • 11445 Noriega Road
  • Bakersfield, CA 93312

COVID-19 Updates

Updated: February 14, 2021

We are delighted to announce that we’ve received approval from the Rosedale School District to resume public worship services at Freedom Middle School NEXT Sunday, February 21st at 9:00a.  

We are still required by the school district to implement and abide by the following COVID-19 guidelines…


In The Worship Service

  • All staff, volunteers and worshippers will be asked to wash their hands before coming to the school campus and to wear face masks once they arrive. 
  • We will provide adequate hand sanitizer and no touch trash cans 
  • All staff, volunteers and worshippers will be asked to cover coughs-sneezes with the inside of their elbow, to use waves and “forearm bumps” in lieu of traditional greetings such as handshakes, hugs, etc.
  • Worshippers will be asked to sit in benches spaced 6 ft in front/behind each other, 6 ft apart in a row and with their immediate family unit.  
  • Masks may be removed during the singing and preaching portion of the service.  
  • In lieu of passing offering bags, an offering box will be placed on the “Welcome Table” at the entrance of the Multi-Purpose Room.  Sermon note handouts will also be placed on this table to avoid more than one person (such as an usher) touching a handout. 
  • When we celebrate the Lord’s Supper, worshippers will be asked to come forward and pick up pre-packaged elements. 

In Our vKids Ministry

  • Volunteers and children will be screened at check-in with an electronic thermometer to ensure no one with a fever or other signs of illness are admitted. 
  • Volunteers and children over the age of 2 will be asked to wash their hands and to wear face masks indoors when social distancing cannot be practiced. 
  • Volunteers will wear masks and gloves during BOTH set-up and tear-down of equipment.


If a worshipper or child is ill before our worship service, they will be asked to stay home.

If a worshipper or child becomes ill during our Sunday morning ministry time, they will be asked to go home immediately.