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  • Phone: (661) 487-1797
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  • 9530 Hageman Rd, Suite B, Box #380, Bakersfield, CA 93312
  • Facebook: vanguardbiblechurch
  • Twitter: @vanguardbible

Service Times

  • Sundays @ 9:00a
  • Freedom Middle School
  • 11445 Noriega Road
  • Bakersfield, CA 93312

Our Story

In early 2005, Pastor Cary and his wife Maija were having a conversation about the Lord during which the word "vanguard" came up.  Curious about the meaning of the word, they looked it up in a dictionary and discovered that it meant...

"the troops moving at the head of an army"


"the forefront of an action or movement"

From that day forward, they would say to each other many times in private conversations: "Wouldn't it be awesome to start a church some day and name it 'Vanguard'?"

In 2012, the Lord sovereignly moved the Nack family from the suburbs of Chicago, IL to Bakersfield, CA. After a brief stint as the Senior Pastor of another church in town, Pastor Cary fervently sought the Lord in early 2014 about what he was to do next in his journey as a minister of the Gospel. During this season, a handful of families approached him about the possibility of planting a new church. Already an experienced church planter, he knew the Lord could use him to start a new church if it was His will. After weeks of prayer and several conversations, Pastor Cary and this group of families felt the Lord calling them to step out in faith to start a fresh, life-changing church that would boldly proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ in Bakersfield.

Vanguard Bible Church has partnered with the FiveStone Churches Network on this exciting journey. FiveStone Churches is a group of like-minded churches passionate about planting, strengthening and renewing local churches throughout the world. You can learn more about FiveStone Churches here or by visiting wwww.fivestonechurches.org.


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