Contact Us

  • Phone: (661) 487-1797
  • Email: 
  • Mailing Address: 
  • 9530 Hageman Rd, Suite B, Box #380, Bakersfield, CA 93312
  • Facebook: vanguardbiblechurch
  • Twitter: @vanguardbible

Service Times

  • Sundays @ 9:00a
  • Freedom Middle School
  • 11445 Noriega Road
  • Bakersfield, CA 93312

Steps To Plugging In

If you're interested in plugging in right away with us, please go to our "events" page and RSVP for one of our upcoming Coffees with the Pastor.  

After we launch our public services, here will be the steps for plugging into our church...

Step 1

Coffee: Check out a Coffee with the Pastor. A little food, refreshments and a relaxed atmosphere provides the perfect opportunity for you to learn more about Vanguard. At the Coffee, you’ll be able to meet our ministry staff, catch our vision and meet others that are new to the church. Please contact the church office or visit our website for the date and time of the next Coffee with the Pastors.

Step 2

Catalyst: Attend our Catalyst Membership Class. Built around our 5 core values, this workshop-like class is designed to help you become more familiar with the history, vision and doctrinal distinctives of Vanguard. You’ll also get to meet key ministry leaders, make new friends and ask the questions you've always wanted to ask. 

Step 3

Commit: To serving in a ministry here at the church. We believe ministry involvement is critical for not only our church’s growth but for your spiritual growth as well. The Scriptures teach that the Lord has given every Christ-follower at least one spiritual gift to be used for building up His church. For this reason, we like to say that “every member is a minister”. You can find a list of our current volunteer needs on our "SERVE" page.  

Step 4

Connect: Sign up to be assigned to a vGroup. Not only is joining a vGroup critical for building relationships in the church it’s also important because we believe the best spiritual growth happens in the context of community. Our vGroups meet 3 times per month to work on mutual ministry, bible application, loving accountability and multiplication of leadership. We strongly encourage joining a vGroup so God can use others to minister to you and use you to minister to others. Contact the church office or visit our website to find out about our next registration window for vGroups.